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This week, Shawn mimics a zombie scrolling social media, JK creates a new term ‘Emotionary’, Faustina mistakes foot for food, and Wei Han get really dry with SEA stats

Did you notice Instagram’s new update? Malaysians went crazy over IG’s “Ask me anything”

There’s a new sticker on Instagram called “Questions”, and Malaysians are going crazy with it! They have been allowing people to ask them anything they want, and would publish the questions along with their responses to their Stories.

It all started out fine and fun, but very quickly turned ugly and overwhelming the entire Story feed. Thank God it’s all going away soon.

YouTube is Further Clamping Down on Original Content

YouTube just announced that they will be releasing a Copyright match tool that will scan uploaded videos in their database for similarities. Videos that match will appear in a tab, which the creator can then initiate a Takedown request. Of course, the Creator also needs to know if that content belongs to them or if it was part of public domain content with fair use.

Another “Aiden Yow”?! This time it’s a Female Fashion Model

Hong Kong’s Instagrammer, Sadelle Yeung whom Hong Kong’s Apple Daily described a s a “key opinion leader” with over 91K followers, was seen deleting Instagram posts which her followers discovered to be stolen from Google Images. This resulted with an account created to mock her actions called, @copywithsadelle. Ouch!

Facebook May Start making Their Own Chips

Facebook just recently employed the former director of engineering in Google’s silicon division, Shahriar Rabii. Shahriar helped Google build chips used in the Pixel smartphones.

Facebook is a social media company, that just showed interest in building their own devices. The first impression would be that they are starting to take their previously acquired Oculus, a VR device firm, seriously.

Alibaba is making Smart Shopping Happen, beginning with Hong Kong

It has teamed up with fashion brand Guess to open its first Fashion AI concept store. They will be setting up tracking systems all around the retail store to monitor and interact with customers.

Mark Zuckerberg just overtook Warren Buffett as the 3rd Richest person in the world

Well we all know who Mark Zuckerberg is. Yet, this is the first time in history the three wealthiest people on the ranking made their fortunes from technology.
Just last Friday, Zuckerberg overtook Warren Buffett’s ranking by $373 million, making him the 3rd Richest person in the world. What does that mean for Facebook? Will it be a social media platform we can still trust after what happened with Cambridge Analytica? Also, what happened to Buffett?

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) has been criticised as not being established to help people, but rather to reduce their tax numbers and also donate to political cause.

Weekly Questions: Are you still using IGTV?

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