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Facebook Watch is Now Available to All

About a year ago Facebook has been testing Watch, which is their answer to YouTube. Facebook announced in their blog post this morning that Watch is now officially available globally.

Through the Notification panel of the Android or iOS app (true at the time this post was written), one can access the Watch platform by tapping on the blue Play button. In it, you can find a collection of videos from Pages you Follow compiled into channels. What you will see going into individual channels is simply all their videos arranged in a reverse timeline. Then there is also a list of suggested videos, because why not.

According to Facebook’s blog post, more than 50 million people in the US have been watching at least one minute of videos on this platform, and the total time has increased by 14 times since early this year. It is also announced that videos will come with ad breaks (coming from Facebook, we expect nothing less).

At first glance, we may see Facebook Watch as being similar to IGTV. But because Facebook was already a long-form video sharing platform from the beginning of time, the curated videos seem to have higher quality. Journalistic sites like BBC and TED already have very compelling content that can be binged one after another with ease on this format. If anything, this just gave us a very compelling reason to Follow Pages again.

In the event brands are still unsure whether videos are the future of posting Facebook content, we have just been given the ultimate sign that it surely is. Brands that do not create and share video content will not be able to take advantage of Facebook Watch. To top it off, Facebook Watch is also available through Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Xbox One and Oculus TV.

Although the success of Facebook Watch is still too early to tell, we think it is a very simple yet effective method of cutting through Facebook’s current clutter of noise. Some of us on the team may just get back to using Facebook again for this feature.

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