The Challenge

For the past decade, Corezone (short for Climbing, Recreation and Outdoor Equipment) has been the premier retailer of the world’s most cutting edge outdoor equipment. They include space-age clothing, ultralight gadgets, tents that can weather storms, and more. All the brands Corezone carries were a success across the world among hikers, mountaineers and climbers alike. 


But outdoor enthusiasts in Malaysia and the region had been too accustomed to hiking with $3 rubber shoes, not knowing how to pack a proper medkit for emergencies, and thought blistered toes under cotton socks were normal. Corezone had to also sell to a market where its people earned a fraction of the wage that is significantly weaker than that of North Americans and Europeans. 


In 2017, Corezone worked together with Virtual Peddlers Marketing to achieve a few goals and objectives over the course of one year.

Goals & Objectives

Increasing Customer Base

Growing the niche target audience into a larger customer base across multiple outdoor activity groups.


Corezone would take on a different role in the communities in order to stand out from competitors.


As Corezone’s strong suit is in retail experience, we would need to persuade potential customers to visit their physical outlet.

Increasing Conversions

Utilising digital channels to increase interest in the high variety of products that come into the outlet on a monthly basis, and ultimately also increasing conversion with customers.

The Change

After an in-depth evaluation, Virtual Peddlers decided that Corezone would benefit by becoming educators and advocates of the communities they serve. While securing their bottom line, they would embark on an educational journey with their audience through a series of still and animated content on social media. 


We began a marketing strategy that focused on the following elements:

  • Reviewing company’s goals 
  • Refining old market segments and identifying new segments
  • Researching competitors
  • Defining Corezone’s value proposition in the market it serves
  • Media planning and execution, which included testing and optimizing each campaign by segment.


Securing the Bread and Butter

Corezone isn’t a big corporation with deep funding, so it was imperative that we must first secure the client’s Bread and Butter revenue. We identified a pool of target audience who are both avid outdoor enthusiasts and could afford the premium equipment sold by Corezone.

Educating Communities

We worked with industry experts to release a series of campaigns educating the public on the safety of a number of outdoor activities. 


They included:

  • How to safely cross a river
  • How to pack a medkit for various adventures, including preparing for bee stings and other common but potentially fatal incidents
  • How to choose your climbing shoe 
  • How to pack your camping bag for overnight trips
  • Etiquettes for hiking, including time planning, starting a fire, finding proper campsites, and more. 
  • Advocating for the Leave No Trace initiative that educated people on reducing damage to the wilderness.

All of the content in the campaigns utilized equipment found in Corezone’s inventory but did not directly promote nor sell the products. Viewers could swap them for other generic counterparts if they choose to.

Increasing Footfalls

We increased footfalls into the retail outlet, which allowed the people at Corezone showcase their specialty. This provided customers with the opportunity to get a hands-on experience of the equipment to understand why they cost so much more than generic counterparts. 


Corezone had a unique edge over its competitors, where its retail staff were also outdoor enthusiasts and experts in their own fields. Customers were provided with bespoke recommendations based on their own activities and demands.

Increasing Customer Lifetime Value

Converting increased footfalls with new target audience into buying customers, and increasing the Lifetime Value of existing customers. We did this by executing fortnightly newsletters that would introduce recipients on new arrivals, and sharing educational content associated with those arrivals.

The Growth


increase in Search Volume in Brand Terms


increase in sales among Primary Segments


increase in Customer Base


growth in engagement with Social Media content


increase in Retail Footfalls


increase in Lifetime Value of Customer

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