The Challenge

Felton came to Virtual Peddlers with two known evolutionary challenges. The first was that while Felton sold many high-quality plastic products to the mass market in Malaysia, very few customers knew they were using a Felton product at home. Secondly, it was difficult for their corporate sales team to approach clients for project pitches because nobody knew they were into window dressings as well. 


In 2017, Felton and Virtual Peddlers Marketing came together to build a strategy that will put the Felton name as a known household plastic product manufacturer. Later in 2019 we also built a strategy that would bring Felton’s wide range of plastic products into international markets.

Goals & Objectives

Brand Awareness

We had to assign a branding identity to Felton’s range of products, and associate it with the brand’s qualities. 

Sparking Conversations

Increasing engagement in social media platforms and brand recall among specific target audiences.

Going International

Positioning Felton as a brand that is fit for international consumption. We helped target a few potential markets for preliminary steps, then expanded into more. The purpose was to acquire distributors in those local markets.

The Change

Growing up from a product-focused business in the 1980s, Felton was in a transition period where it needed a brand identity so it could move on to a Value-Based pricing strategy. This could be a good first step before taking the business across borders. 


We began by evaluating the following:

  • Reviewing company’s goals
  • Identifying company’s past, present, and future segments
  • Researching competitors and aspirational companies
  • Defining company’s social media purpose
  • Media planning and execution, which included testing and optimizing each campaign by segment


Then we devised strategies to be executed on Social and Search channels.



Felton got a new identity both in the plastics and window blinds departments. We used social media to showcase various possibilities of the plastic products at homes and offices, which were superimposed for visual imagination.

The Reference Point

Taking a page from LaFarge’s social strategy circa the same period, we used Felton’s window blinds account as a platform to share and showcase the potential of window blinds in homes and offices. The catalog was used by many homemakers and designers as a go-to for inspiration.


Although not all the images included products from Felton, all of them could be recreated by Felton.

Expanding Markets

Riding on Felton’s existing efforts to participate in international trade shows, we ran behavioral and search advertising campaigns that targeted potential audiences prior to, during, and after each trade show.

The Growth


increase in Search Volume in Brand Terms


increase in Brand Recall Lift


increase in engagement with Social Media content


increase in International Trade Show engagement


New International Markets in 2 years

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