The Challenge

In line with their positioning as a more involved pharmacy brand, Watsons Malaysia introduced a new members loyalty program packed with various benefits for all types of users. But the attempt to give customers more benefits also amounted to complications with how they can generate the best value from it. 


In 2018, Watsons commissioned a marketing agency to help develop their Corporate Image for the loyalty card campaign that would be used for the online and print media. Virtual Peddlers joined the marketing team to support in building a set of marketing strategies that will bring direction to the visuals and promotions.

Goals & Objectives

Brand Awareness

Introducing the audience to the Client’s new loyalty program and its values.


Positioning Watsons as a superior shopping experience compared to other pharmacies.


Enticing sign ups to Watsons’ loyalty program.

Increasing Conversions

Working down the funnel to drive interest in the values of Watsons’ membership, thus increasing conversion with customers.

The Change

All the stakeholders agreed that customers would benefit from positioning Social Media as a platform for education and information. At the same time, we would also allocate a portion of our content to inform already-members of new promotions and tips to gain more Purchase-with-Purchase deals.


Community Alignment

Watsons has a unique community of avid customers, so it is important for us to be able to speak their ‘language’ and shop like one of them.  

Educating the Audience

There are many ways for a shopper to gain value with Watsons loyalty program, and it requires some expert maneuvering to find the best options. We built the Watsons social media platform with tips and tricks on how to stretch the buyers’ Ringgit.

Participating in Local Sales

Expert bargain hunters have the tendency to shop most during sales periods, so we opted to participate in this monthly phenomenon.

Riding on FOMO

Our content strategies showcased values gained by various customers by shopping at Watsons. This took advantage of the collective fear of missing out that is prevalent among frequent bargain shoppers.

Value Creation

By structuring content in a manner than one would naturally have their questions answered, we were able to increase the sign up rate and lifetime value of customers.

The Growth


increase in Social Media Following


growth in Social Media engagement


increase in Customer Base


increase in Retail Footfalls

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